Ignition Systems

Exothermic welding isn’t new. In fact, we’ve been helping create successful bonds and connections since 1938. What is new is the ignition systems. Safer, more reliable and with more options than ever, nVent ERICO’s ignition systems are proven more than 150 million times throughout the world.

Our traditional Cadweld ignition system uses the standard flint and spark to start the connection. Easy to maintain with no electronic parts, this system works time-after-time.

Our Plus and Exolon ignition systems use batteries to electronically start the connection and melting of welding material. With additional built-in safety mechanisms, including being to ignite the weld at a distance, these reliable units have modernized the way the job is done and brings a level of consistency and ease-of-use.

Whether you want a manual system or one that is battery-powered, our ignition systems provide ultimate flexibility. However, it is critical that you match your ignition system of choice with the right welding material for a trusted, repeatable connection.

Start by reviewing our ignition systems below and then let us know how we can help. Our expert team is ready to find the right combination of products for your needs.

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